New Patient/Client Survey

New Patient/Client Survey

Before we start working together, it’s important to make sure my method is a good fit for you.

This survey will only take a few minutes to complete. And it will help you make a life-changing decision.

    1. How willing are you to pursue treatment outside of an insurance network? (Note: Dr Joe is not in network with any insurance providers)

    2. How open are you to new possibilities for your health journey?

    3. How ready are you to commit to a regimen that could last an unspecified amount of time?

    4. How excited are you to try a new health regimen that could include food and exercise plans?

    5. How willing are you to stick with a detailed health plan?

    6. How willing are you to follow a plan that would consider both immediate and long term benefits?

    7. How open minded are you about new health research and developments?

    8. How confident are you in getting the support you need from your spouse/inner circle

    Are you interested in having Dr. Joe's patient/client representative contact you?