About Dr. Joe

Dr. Joseph P. Smith introduced the Atlas Health Method in 2008.
He’s been taking patients to the next level of health care ever since.


Dr. Joe earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University and his B.A. in psychology from North Dakota State University. He is a board certified chiropractic neurologist by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board, and achieved diplomate status through the International College of Applied Kinesiology.


With a mastery of lab analysis, neurobiology, immunology, and child development disorders, Dr. Joe started sharing his knowledge. He held an adjunct faculty position at the University of Mary in Fargo, North Dakota until 2008. Then he began working as a speaker, sharing his knowledge domestically and internationally with fellow doctors through Apex Energetics and his own Atlas Seminars. Recently, he took his method to the Hummingbirds’ Nest  Collaborative School to help optimize children’s brain development in an academic setting.

Problem Solver

Dr. Joe listens to each patient to find the root of their struggles. The emphasis is process not protocol! He focuses on lifestyle and physiological causes to develop personalized healthcare plans. And he uses every tool available to help patients find their path to recovery and/or peak form.

“Every day I talk to people that have lost function and all they want is to get it back. I’m here for you to use every tool available to get you back to your better self”.