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How Dr. Joe helps

Dr. Joe has an uncanny knack for finding the little causes of big problems. He uses multiple lenses to examine your issues. And he combines his tools, resources, and professional network to create your comprehensive and individualized care plan. Using both standard and alternative modes of healing.  Dr. Joe will help you find your better self.

Since 2008, Dr. Joe has taken his Atlas Health Method to public conferences and private organizations—and used it to help 1000+ patients.

Expanding your health

Whether you’re battling a health crisis or trying to refine your lifestyle,
we’ll determine how to invest in your health.


When your body turns on itself, you feel powerless. But we can influence your immune system to fight for you, not against you.


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Brain health

It’s confusing to struggle with mental health,
cognitive diseases, and even regular aging.
But there’s a solution out there for you.


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Child development

Behavioral issues are difficult for families. But the issues are understood. And with the  right environment, your child has a chance to thrive.


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Listening before diagnosing

If you’re tired of feeling like doctors don’t listen,
then I want to hear from you.


Introduction to Autoimmunity

Here are the underlying reasons that you might have trouble recovering from a stressful event, injury, or infection—and how to keep it from getting worse.

Identifying why your autoimmunity is getting worse is the first step to recovery.

Where to Look When Food Harms Instead of Helps

At the core of many chronic conditions is an underlying food sensitivity.  Food restricted diets are becoming more mainstream, but did you know food restriction may harm you over time despite initial relief? Here’s how.

The Slippery Slope of Chronic Stress and Your Lost Vitality

We’ve all heard the expression “Stress is killing me!” In this video I discuss some of the nastier physiological consequences of when you are chronically stressed. I also share some ideas about how you might quantify scientifically and objectively. I also discuss some tips on how to protect yourself from stress related decline. One of the biggest issues I see in case management is most people are unaware of completely modifiable factors that are accelerating their demise and creating a looming medical crisis.

“Live Long and Prosper” —Spock

Community Action

Latest events

From speaking engagements to conferences on the latest health research, there are always exciting events to attend.

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15-17 Cortex: from the development of Neuroception to Neuroinflammation. Montreal, Quebec. To register contact Genviève-genevievegagne.dc@outlook.fr

20-27 Mycotoxin Summit: Is Neuroinflammation Sabotaging your Health Goals? Online click here to register: https://www.gordonmedical.com/event/mycotoxins-and-chronic-illness-hosted-by-eric-gordon-md-and-nafysa-parpia-nd/


22 ISEAI Conference: Brain Modulation of Immune Function. Westminster, Colorado. contact Lauren  lduffy@iseai.org for registration details.

Upcoming/ TBD- Beth O’Hara Mast Cell Summit: Neurogenic Inflammation the Silent Driver of Mast Cell Activation. Online registration details to follow