Autoimmune disease affects 1/6 Americans– MS, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Diabetes (type 1, 1.5, and 3), Rheumatoid arthritis, Celiac, Hashimoto’s, Graves,  and Lupus to name a few. These conditions don’t happen over night and are only diagnosed when the affected tissued is ~75% compromised. Decades before the official diagnosis and treatment a person may suffer many symptoms unaware of their potential ominous link.  Common symptoms experienced are depression, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, dizziness, vertigo, numbness and tingling, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, easy bruising with little by way of options than over the counter or alternative medicine therapies to control symptoms.  Predictive antibody testing allows Dr. Joe to determine if you are in Phase I (asymptomatic) or Phase II autoimmunity (symptomatic but not diagnosable/treatable in the medical model). We can look at lifestyle factors like industrial and environmental toxic exposures, history of infections like Mono, Strep, Candida, and Lyme, food reactions, adverse childhood events, adult traumatic events, genetic predisposition, and even a concussion.  Yes a concussion even decades prior and out of memory can be connected to autoimmune reactivity and affect your quality of life.  We can work with your lifestyle and support the health of your immune system to re-capture function before you get diagnosed.  And if you are being treated in the medical model the same approach can be used to help support your treatment.

Brain Health

It can be scary to question the fitness of your own brain. But with cognitive assessment techniques, we can distinguish regular aging from potentially serious degenerative diseases. And with mental health, you won’t believe what emphasis on healthy brain w/ lab testing, nutrition, food choices, functional neurology/immunology can do for the questions that you and your loved ones are trying to solve. Everyone’s brain ages, and with care and prevention, it can be a graceful process. The research is clear what factors that have not hit mainstream make a difference in this mental health crisis climate. Dr. Joe will connect you to the research that is relevant to you to help you get back on track.

Child Development

With behavioral, learning, and other child development issues, family support is a critical element in success. APGAR scores and routine pediatric visits will make sure your child is safe, but may miss ealry signs of developmental delay impacting behavior and academics. At it’s core the problem in these conditions is a mismatch between the neurological maturity/milestones and the chronological age of their brain.  No case is alike– there will be a different constellation of preconception, prenatal, birth process, home: both physical and emotional attachment/family dynamics, social infectious/autoimmune, metabolic, food, environmental/toxic, and genetic factors. Once we identify the issues with a thorough history, neurological milestone assessment and when indicated specialized labs,  we can construct a plan to work with the immature brain to get caught up and use motor/neurological milestones to track progress along the way.   It will take the family entire to create an environment and address lifestyle factors to make sure we maximize the potential for success. Many approaches only focus on the child, and ignore the family and the environment. Let’s work together to put this epidemic of child neurodevelopmental disorders on notice and take your child’s care to the next level.

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